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Selly's Party, The Agenda Details

Posted By : J Rock on Friday, 18 October 2013 | 18:54:00

Friday, 18 October 2013

Well there you have it….Selly has organised “The Best Of BigBrother The Chase Housemates” set for this Saturday 19th October,2013 at the Sofa Lounge in Abuja.
The only issue though is that it seems most of the housemates are currently held up here and there,not sure if they will all make it to Abuja this Saturday.
Elikem is in Nigeria where he is shooting a new movie,Pokello is still in Zimbabwe,Melvin is in South Africa with LK4 and Koketso and it seems he is not ready to leave yet,Beverly managed to make it back to Nigeria from Tanzania,and is currently in Lagos with Bassey(not so sure if they will be there), Maria and Dillish who happen to be in Nigeria are attached to several other events and roles,and as for the rest,hope is frail…
But trust Selly,she may actually have them all in Abuja come Saturday…We’ll keep you posted!
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Melvin To Make Appearance At Nonhle Thema and Khanyi Mbau’s Birthday Party in South Africa

He is rolling with the stars!…Nigeria’s BBA rep Melvin Oduah,who traveled to South Africa early this week,is set to make a special appearance at Nohle Thema and Khanyi Mbau’s birthday party to be held today in Moloko, Pretoia
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“I Don’t Just Visit Another Country..” BBA Contestant Oneal

For his fans out there who have been wondering why he hasn’t left Botswana to visit any other country or attend any of the many parties since his eviction from BBA, Oneal has finally answered you,read his tweet below;
Oneal™ @Onizee
I don’t just visit another country because i am from BBA i take a lot of things into consideration first,i run my own race.

To you now…..Do you think this is a wise decision,coming form someone who just got one of the biggest exposures in African entertainment?
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Maria shows of her Shoe collection

Posted By : J Rock on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 | 18:58:00

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

If you ever wonder how stars travel here is what Bigbrother the chase housemate Maria from Namibia had to pack before she went to many pairs can you guys afford to pack when you have a journey...?
Ladies Ladies u can....i believe now was just doubting your power.

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Like Mother Like Son....Pokello and her Son

If you just ever Wondered how Pokello and Elikem's son would look like here is a very close possiiblity that their son would surely look like the mother...if you want to say no to this just look at this picture of Pokello's cute son and if you notice any difference in their looks then u have won some bucks for your self.

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Beverly Shares his Sexy little Body

The 22 year old video vixen from Nigeria,may have put off a rather controversial appearance on the recently concluded BBA show,but one fact still remains….Beverly is a very sexy woman,and knows how to flaunt it….See her pic below(Don’t know about the bottles though?!)
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Prezzo Shares Mothers Love

As they say nothing lusts like a mothers love...Kenyan Rapper Prezzo is no exception for this saying as our sources caught him red handed with her mother sharing the love they have for each....and i believe  i could say this I LOVE YOU MUM if you love you mother that much, comment the same.

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And the Romance: Beverly with Ruggedman...How about Angelo..?

Sources have revealed that controversial BBA contestant Beverly Osu may have  rekindled her romance with Nigerian rap star Ruggedman.
The two have known each for several years, are said to have heated off the romance right after Beverly returned from the BBA house.It would be recalled that Beverly was very romantically attached to South Africa’s Angelo while in the house,and on leaving the house she felt rather betrayed by Angelo’s rumored proposal to his long-time girlfriend Candice. Angelo’s camp later denied the proposal allegations,adding also that he was still very attached to Beverly and would even look at settling down with her,if all went well.
Who are we believing right now Angelo or the one to go on let us know?
And here are some picks for yo7u.

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Nigerians Tear Into Selly For Organizing Party In Abuja

Word on the street has it that Ghanaian BBA contestant Selly is planning a huge party in Abuja,where she will host the rest of her fellow BBA  housemates.Nigerians however seem rather skeptical about this and have since rebuked Selly’s plan to hold the party in Nigeria.Read some of their tweets below;
Myleena @DirtyJezebel 1h Who the fuck is @therealsellygh to come host BBA stars in Nigeria? Let’s see if they will make it through the airport. Leave it to my Dad
Myleena @DirtyJezebel 1h 
@melvin0duah is the biggest dumb star from BBA! U want to @therealsellygh party without @beverly_osu bein invited? May he never progress!
Myleena @DirtyJezebel 1h Im Myleena Carrington. Ask around who my father is! @therealsellygh I swear it, you won’t hold that party in Abuja until you invite Beverly.
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