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Shower Hour

Beverly Osu, Shower Hour Video

Beverly Osu, Shower Hour Video Shower hour video of Beverly Osu, big brother Africa the chase. The video is long, about 10 minutes. Beverly Osu is seen as she finishes taking a shower and is in the dressing room. She proceeds to dry her wet body and put on blue pants. Check out the video below See Shower Hour Video Beverly Osu, BBA the Chase

See Shower Hour Video Beverly Osu, BBA the Chase

Pokello, Shower Hour Video

Another shower hour video of Pokello has leaked! Pokello is seen out of the bathroom as she wipes dry her tender body. Her skin looks smooth, soft, without any blemish. What does she apply on her skin when she wakes up every morning?

See Shower Hour Video Pokello Nare, BBA The Chase

Melvin, Shower Hour Video

According to our Survey, Melvin is the second hottest man in Big Brother Africa The Chase. This was collected from the results of the on-going polls in our sites. Vote there for the most handsome man and or woman in the house. 
See the video below to know why Melvin is the second hottest man in BBA The Chase. Courtesy of AfricaMagic

 Download Melvin, Shower Hour Video Big Brother Africa

Pokello and Elikem

Pokello and Elikem seated in a Bathtub. They air around them looks tense as they both do weird Stuff. Pokello rinses her face again and again and again with water, occasionally starring at Elikem. Elikem on the other hand is scrubbing the already clean wash-cloth again and again.
The two seem to be strategic about something. Whenever a contestants enters, they stop chatting and resume once they are gone. Both Elikem and Pokello are seated in the bathtub, facing each other.

See Pokello and Elikem Shower Hour Video

Cleo, Shower Hour Video

This is one of the best, sensual and most thrilling shower hour video you will ever get to see of Cleo. From when the video starts to when it ends, connections between you and her is eccentric. 
Cleo drops her towel in the video. A pretty black and white thong is seen a she is topless. You just have to see this video

See Cleo Shower Hour Video, Big Brother Africa

Bolt; Shower Hour Video

You will be interested to see how Bolt showers in the video. He is wearing boxer at the beginning of the video, with some pink gloves on. Bolt isn't really the muscular type as both Melvin and Hakeem appear more muscular than him

Click Here To See Bolt Shower, Shower Hour Video

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